Lot x3 GIN-VEN

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Lot of 3 banknotes

C, P-44b, 500 won, 2007

Venezuela, P-94b, 500 bolivares, 2017

Madagascar, P-88b, 500 ariary, 2004

qual : Neuf / UNC

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Data sheet

countryC*rée N*rd, Venezuela, Madagascar
currencywon, bolivare, ariary
grading1. UNC
occasionlegal tender
serial n°The banknotes shown on pictures are just for illustration purposes. Serial numbers and prefixes may vary.
counting sight rippleSome notes may show bubbling, or a dimple, at the top at the strip. In the printing process, when the notes are run through high speed counters, a dimple is created where the strip is on the top of the note. This does not disqualify the note as UNC.
garanty The banknotes we sell are 100% authentic. There is no copy in our store. Collection item : this banknote can be no legal tender anymore.

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